Quick Fixes for your Home Problems

If you live with your family you know how fast a house can get dirt and things start to fall apart if you dont take care of your house as soon as things start to breakdown. That is why today i bring you some quick fixes that you can do at home for common problems.

Get rid of Garbage Disposal Stink

If you sink smells like something has died there, most likely your garbage disposal is the problem. Dump two cups of ice into your disposal, then turn on the water an run the disposal. Then turn the disposal off and dump half a cup of baking soda into the disposal and then a cup of vinegar.

Give your Flush more Gush

Before you call a plumber, look for your water valve, turn the valve counterclockwise as fast as you can until you cant turn it anymore. That means its fully open, this should help your toilet tak get its complete water fill and power up your flush.

During cold Weather Keep the heat on Exposed indoor pipes

Basements, laundry rooms and other areas of your house that have exposed pipes, when the freezing up season of the year comes the pipes can get freezed. Install heating cables and insulate them, run the cables up the piepes using electrical tape to attach every few inches. Then cover the cables with insulating foam and plug the cord.

Banish Musty Front

Prevent stinky washers by moving clothes out before they get musty. Leave the door open to let the washer air out after loads. Also clean the door rubber seal with half solution of water and half solution of vinegar once a month.

Remove Rust from your Stainless Steel Sink

Just leave acookie sheet in a stainless steel sink for a couple of days and your cleanin taks will go well. Use some vinegar, baking soda and elbow grease. Mix baking soda with vinegar until you get a past like consistency. Then spread teh mix on the rust spots for 10 minutes, then scrub it off with water and pad.

Hide Hardwood Floor Scrapes

You can fix your hardwood scrapes without a full overhaul, basic scratches can be concealed with stain markers that match the color of the floor. For deep sratches try paste was. Rub some of a matching color in the scratch, then polish off the excess after it dries.

These are just a few quick fixes that you can easily do at home and avoid calling the plumber or paying for the service. You can check other home improvement tips to make your life easier. its always good to learn how to do some basic things and quick fixes at home, they can help you of many problems without waiting for someone to come.