Consideration Before Basement Remodeling

There comes a time when homeowners realize that their old unused basement can add a living space in your house. You already have the space and you probably only store things there or is used for laundry. It is less costly to remodel the basement space than to create a new space area for your home, so its seems like a no brainer, however you need to do your due diligence before spending a lot of money.

Usually water, gas, electricity and sewer line are already in place in the basement so it is a great cost saving. Also cooling and heating is a lower cost for basements.

But you should weight the advantages against the possible disadvantages:

Do you pipes need to be concealed?
Do you have natural light filters on the windows?
How much additional lighting you need to have a comfortable and warm space?
Do you have ventilation, how much, are there any indications of mildew, leaks or mold?

Keep in mind that spaces below grade are prone to moisture and water, which can build between the slab and foundation wall.

If you are going to remodel your basement you will need to use water resistant materials like mold proof pVC moldings, moisture proof drop ceilings and compressed fiberglass wall panels.

You can upgrade lighting with fluorescent overhead fixtures.

You need to also keep in mind safety measures, such as using smoke detectors, extinguishers and fire resistant materials.

It is a very rewarding experience to remodel your basement and making it a living area, just be careful to use all the necessary safety measures and consult with a professional contractor with experience.